Cool Guitar Storage and Organizer

If you happen to be a musician or are married to one, chances are you might be having a whole lot of trouble trying to store those guitars and other music instruments and effects to prevent them from cluttering your living space. These instruments are, after all, delicate and sensitive that you cannot simply leave them lying around somewhere or keep them behind your closets.

It is true that storing these musical items can be quite tricky but it is… Continue reading

Looking For Keyboards For Kids

Summer is almost here and I am faced with yet another task. That is to find something to occupy the kids while they stay at home during the summer break. I am really tempted to get one of these keyboards for kids at guitar center. I thought a keyboard will be a cool instrument for the kids to learn and I can easily enroll them in music class so they can have something interesting to do during the summer.… Continue reading

Mane Story

Playing many roles, like being a full time employee, a mother and a wife, can sometimes result to neglecting our own needs. We busy ourselves putting the needs of our family and work first that there is hardly enough time left to tend to our own personal desires.

One of the many things that suffer when we become to busy and absorb with the many things we have to deal with is our hair. I am sure you will agree… Continue reading

Bunk Beds

Just the other day, my husband has installed a bunk bed at our room. It’s a part of our training to help our children sleep by themselves and later transfer to their very own room. The first night was a blast! Our children were all too excited to sleep at their own beds but when the second night came; our youngest crept in at our bed because he was afraid. Since it was still the second night, I allowed him… Continue reading

Help in Understanding Web Hosting

I have always been contemplating about self-hosting this blog. Though I am pretty much convinced that having blogs self-hosted will give you control over your blogs fully, I always find myself in much delay. I have been very busy lately with my offline life that I always lack the time to sit down and process the migration.

Anyway, are you planning to purchase a webhosting services? Are you planning to put-up a website or a blog? Well, there is one… Continue reading

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