My Deepest Apologies

I know I made a promise earlier this year that I will post at least 2 tips per week. Unfortunately, I was not able to fulfil it because of many unpredictable events that happened in my life. Aside from that, I have almost 35 tips stored at my mobile phone already but guess what happened?! My son played with my mobile phone and deleted it all! Ayayay! My stored tips were all lost in just few clicks.

Oh well, I can’t blame my son. If I have posted it here immediately than storing them all in my mobile phone, I should have at least 35 tips to share to you all. That would have covered much of my failures in blogging informative posts here.

Anyway, I have new batch coming up and I will post as soon as possible. As of now, all I want is for all of you to accept my deepest apologies. I am sorry for failing my promise.


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